First Class Materials. Multiple Designs. Next Gen Features.

Metzer offers an unparalleled range of drip emitters ranging from regular to pressure-compensated, cylindrical to flat and one-year use models to fixed drippers designed to perform perfectly for 15 years and more.

When it comes to quality – we make no compromises. We specialize in high-end pressure-compensated drip emitters designed to deliver high performance over long periods of time under the most challenging conditions such as water with solid particles or high biological content.

Metzer’s drip emitters offer unique features:

  • The largest filtration area in the market
  • Special compensation mechanism: No reduction of the water path inside the emitter
  • Built-in self-flushing action at the start and end of each irrigation cycle
  • Dual inlet configuration which ensures smooth water passage
  • Raised inlets in flat emitters